Congratulaltions, all the hard work has paid off now it's time to celebrate!

The Hutch is located in the shadow of Canterbury Cathedral so if you are graduating this summer why not consider The Hutch for your post graduation ceremony celebration. We are happy to offer the following menu weekdays Tuesdays ~ Thursday either in the afternoon or the evening but you will need to book in advance.



Graduation celebration menu


Two courses £13.95,


three courses £15.95






Soup of the day with a homemade bread roll (Vgn.o, ngci.o)


Tapas platter with homemade foccacia bread:

The dishes may vary but typically:

Houmous, butterbean puree with garlic, mushroom pate julienne of roasted peppers , marinated olives, leaf salad, tapenade, tomato jam and many more (Vgn, ngci.o)


Chickpea and potato shortcrust empanada with sweet & spicy tomato jam (Vgn)


Quinoa tabouleh (Vgn, ngci)




Freshly gathered mushrooms and aromatic vegetables in a rich red wine sauce with a mushroom mille feuille and celeriac mash

 (Vgn, ngci.o) 


McSweens famous vegetarian haggis served with, neeps and tatties and a green leaf vegetable



Winter crisp salad with julienne of carrots, beetroot and apple with pumpkin seeds and a chestnut pesto dressing (available as a starter) 

 (Vgn, ngci)






Kent seasonal fruit crumble,

served with ice cream, cream or custard (Vgn.o, ngci)


Dairy free rice pudding with roasted fruit(Vgn, ngci)


Shrikhand: An indian dessert known as Ambrosia of the Gods:

Greek yoghurt with saffron, sultanas, almonds and pistachio with an optional ginger crumble topping (ngci)

Recipe of the Month

Marinated Kentish vegetables and asparagus

Over the last few months this has been our most popular dish during the evening. Follow our step by step guide to making it at home and impress your friends and family. Read More for the full recipe.


The Hutch

13 Palace St




We also offer a range of  wraps and sandwiches: